Dare To Believe Podcast

--- Pastor Kristi Graner and Rebecca Ribnick ---

You were made to do the impossible, but doing the impossible means taking risks and stepping out beyond our comfort zone along the way. The Dare To Believe podcast takes listeners on a journey of faith, risk, and hope with those who have dared to believe God instead of the circumstances and situations of their lives. Listen to their stories, learn from their process, and receive breakthrough for your life!
Brought to you by Pastor Kristi Graner and Rebecca Ribnick of Dare To Believe Podcast

Latest Episodes…

  1. 3:17 Tony Caterina: Part 2, Small Beginnings

    In the second part of our conversation with Tony Caterina, director of Heart Ministries and a naturally-supernatural Kingdom-bringer, hear how God took a prayer and a dream and turned it into a multi-million dollar distribution center for the Kingdom of God. Warning: You will begin to dream about ...


  2. 3:16: Tony Caterina, Part 1, One Step at a Time

    Meet Tony Caterina. Tony is the director of HEART Ministries. He hears from the Lord, lives by faith, brings the Kingdom everywhere he goes, and, oh yeah, has as broken a background and starting place as any of us. In part one of our two part conversation with ...


  3. 3:15 Kristi Graner on Bethel Sozo

    We all have it: That painful situation that pops up every so often; that moment when we behave well below our maturity level; or even that one spot in our heart that’s so painful and discouraging that we can’t quite bring ourselves to talk ...


  4. 3:14 Yvonne Martinez: Freedom from Trauma

    90% of mental health diagnoses and 80% of addictions are rooted in unresolved trauma, so why is there often a feeling in the church that we need to cover up our trauma, pretend it didn’t happen, and present a “good ...


  5. 3.13 Jeff Collins: Walking in Love

    What do Soviet Union soldiers, a miraculous production of wine and the canceling of college classes have in common? No, it’s not another dream episode. These three things are all found in testimonies shared by missionary Jeff Collins in the latest Dare to Believe Podcast episode. Jeff is ...