Dare To Believe Podcast

--- Pastor Kristi Graner and Rebecca Ribnick ---

You were made to do the impossible, but doing the impossible means taking risks and stepping out beyond our comfort zone along the way. The Dare To Believe podcast takes listeners on a journey of faith, risk, and hope with those who have dared to believe God instead of the circumstances and situations of their lives. Listen to their stories, learn from their process, and receive breakthrough for your life!
Brought to you by Pastor Kristi Graner and Rebecca Ribnick of Dare To Believe Podcast

Latest Episodes…

  1. 3:21 Steve Backlund: Growing Big People

    What happens when you take a group of people with diverse personalities and giftings and put them together on the same team? If you’re Steve Backlund, you create an environment that fosters community, builds intentional relationships and is a catalyst for powerful life-change and growth. In this final episode of Season 3, ...


  2. 3:20 Steve DeSilva: Praying it Forward

    What if we told you it’s possible to do something this very moment that will positively affect your future? Good news: It is. In the latest podcast episode featuring CPA, founder of Stephen K. DeSilva Ministries, and all around great guy, Steve DeSilva, hear how to sow seeds of hope ...


  3. 3:19 Armin Assadi: Part 2, Finding True Freedom

    “Don’t be afraid of failure,” said businessman and minister Armin Assadi. “Be afraid of success. I had everything the world told me would make me happy and I didn’t have the one thing I actually wanted.” Hear the second of our thrilling 2-part episode as ...


  4. 3:18 Armin Assadi: Part 1, Finding True Freedom

    Wow! That’s all we can say to Part 1 of this special, two-part interview with Armin Assadi, local businessman and VP of Engage Your Destiny, a ministry focusing on building spiritual resiliency in the men and women of the US Armed Forces. In ...


  5. 3:17 Tony Caterina: Part 2, Small Beginnings

    In the second part of our conversation with Tony Caterina, director of Heart Ministries and a naturally-supernatural Kingdom-bringer, hear how God took a prayer and a dream and turned it into a multi-million dollar distribution center for the Kingdom of God. Warning: You will begin to dream about ...