Dare To Believe Podcast

--- Pastor Kristi Graner and Rebecca Ribnick ---

You were made to do the impossible, but doing the impossible means taking risks and stepping out beyond our comfort zone along the way. The Dare To Believe Podcast takes listeners on a journey of faith, risk, and hope with those who have dared to believe God instead of the circumstances and situations of their lives. Listen to their stories, learn from their process, and receive breakthrough for your life! Find out more about Dare to Believe Ministries at dtbmn.org.

Brought to you by Pastor Kristi Graner and Rebecca Ribnick of Dare To Believe Podcast

Latest Episodes…

  1. 4.06: Dan Morrow: Divine Provision

    The familiar and common often mask the glorious and beautiful. When we become too familiar with something, we rarely stop to ask ourselves about the depths of meaning hiding beneath the surface. Enter Dan Morrow, a husband, father, businessman, engineer, and deep thinker. In this fascinating episode that blends two of ...


  2. 4.05 Transition Dreams

    Transitions are a natural part of our life and they’re happening around us all of the time. The sun rises and the sun sets. The weather goes through changes and we physically experience the four seasons of winter, spring, summer and autumn. People move, change jobs, get married, have babies, retire ...


  3. 4.04 Chuck Parry: A Presence-Based Lifestyle

    Do you want to live fully aware of God’s unique, and deep love for you? Not just the kind we sing about in Sunday school, but the kind that changes our perception of reality to align with the Kingdom of God and produces the fruit of the Spirit in our ...


  4. 4.03 Fr. William de Arteaga: The History of the Mystery

    Join Kristi and Rebecca as they journey to Canton, GA to interview historian and author Fr. William de Arteaga, living record keeper and revival scribe. Whether or not you are familiar with revivalists such as Agnes Sanford or Glenn Clark, your Christian walk has likely been influenced by them and ...


  5. 4.02 Keep Dreaming!

    What do President Biden, Joanna Gaines, and global pop stars have in common? If you answered they all make appearances in the dreams discussed in season four’s first installment of our ever-popular dream series, then you are correct! In this episode, Kristi and Rebecca talk about one of their favorite ...